Crowd Kill City EP

by Deprivationist

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Rocky Mountain Chugs at it's finest


released March 4, 2016

Thanks to Stephen Lee, Kyle Medina and all the homies out there



all rights reserved


Deprivationist Lakewood, Colorado

We're just dudes who like to play the heavy and wish it was 2009

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Track Name: Jack-Knife Powerbomb
I'm so lost in my mind, left alone left to roam.

the thoughts drain me alive as I scream I can't take this anymore.. I can't take this anymore

put me six feet deep my body screams as my soul leaves
my feelings are weak and my emotions are deep
sat in bitter blood and put myself to sleep, roll the barrel shoot the sheep.
fucking let me bleed on my soulless body I call my dreams

broken life
broken heart
my love I had turned into depression and darkness with no sleep
as everything runs through my head I only see one thing
the noose is loose
and my brain is fried
these drugs are numbing my life and making me tongue tied

you only have one life, don't live it up it's not worth your time.
I looked out my window only to see a bludgeoned disfigured killer staring back at me

The feeling of dread and horror overcomes me, run to the back door, through the woods and hope for the best. My life is in constant threat of this thing!

He is not human nor demon.
Gouged out eyes and slit throats of the ones I loved, stopped in my tracks and watched them squirm around like the maggots feasting on their bowels.

Puke spews out the slit throat of the human carcass, hiding I was grabbed, hung on a hook and gutted.
My life left my eyes and the last thing I see was my shadow smiling back at me.

I wish I din't let this thing grow, I wish I didn't feed it's ego, the haunting memory it left still eats at me.
Track Name: Fuck That Guy
Ugh! You fucking snake!

The only thing you think about is yourself and only yourself
that smirk fooled me for so long till you showed your real emotions

Left me stranded while your mind though about the drugs
to think you played it off cool makes me want to puke

You're not in control of your mind
let it numb you and blind you from your life
that's right pop them fucking pills down let it rot away your stomach

I hope you fucks die from an overdose and left in a ditch to be eaten away by the crows and vultures
my hatred for you is unbearable

Pick up your head and let me knock it around while you choke on the shit you spew
Life would be better without you!
Track Name: All Hammer
The stench of rotting corpses fuels my lust for the living
following the innocent
watching the sand in the hourglass pass by as the world crumbles and trembles from my twisted wrath

No fucking feelings no fucking hope nothing left but to dig a hole
rotting bones rotting dreams the dirt is cold but it feels nice to me

Tick tock tick tock the pendulum is swing high
the scythe is ready to take a life
the end is fucking nigh the end is fucking nigh
left to rot left to rot
The shadow is near and he's hungrier than I thought.
Track Name: Stuff Your Sorrys Into The Sack That We Put All Of Those Pieces Of Debra In
Oh shit

We come back from the dead rise all that have passed and ruin the lives of the living
I've come to take what's mine hunting down those who oppose me
Reckless careless and rotting

I smear my flesh and guts on the walls this sacrifice is what we have all been waiting for

Arise the unholy one for you are awakened from your nightmarish slumber

Weak minded humans walk among the sickening wolves
Skinned and pulled apart the shrieks of the banshee are heard across the land

Faceless beings watch as the families are being dragged down the halls to be experimented on