Fuck That Guy

from by Deprivationist



Ugh! You fucking snake!

The only thing you think about is yourself and only yourself
that smirk fooled me for so long till you showed your real emotions

Left me stranded while your mind though about the drugs
to think you played it off cool makes me want to puke

You're not in control of your mind
let it numb you and blind you from your life
that's right pop them fucking pills down let it rot away your stomach

I hope you fucks die from an overdose and left in a ditch to be eaten away by the crows and vultures
my hatred for you is unbearable

Pick up your head and let me knock it around while you choke on the shit you spew
Life would be better without you!


from Crowd Kill City EP, released March 4, 2016



all rights reserved


Deprivationist Lakewood, Colorado

We're just dudes who like to play the heavy and wish it was 2009

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